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Google Innovations

Back in 2006 various computer magazines listed out and acknowledged the Top 10 Google Innovations for that year. These Google Innovations at that time were: Google Custom Search Engine (CSE), Gmail + Google Talk, Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Google Checkout, Picasa Web Album, Google Book Search, Google Page Creator, Google Pack, Google Apps for your Domain, and Google Calendar.


Google Innovations
  • Google 3D Warehouse Google 3D Warehouse Is A Online Repository Of 3D Models To Experience Your 3D World!
  • Google AdSense Google AdSense Allows You To Earn Money From Relevant Ads Placed On Your Web Site!
  • Google AdWords Google AdWords Is A Very Efficient Way To Advertise Online Regardless Of Your Budget!
  • Google Alerts Google Alerts Will Keep You Abreast Of The Latest News And Advances In Technology!
  • Google Analytics Google Analytics Will Keep Track Of How Visitors Arrive To And Interact On Your Site!
  • Google Base Google Base Is A Free Service That Helps You Publish Virtually Any Kind Of Information!
  • Google Blogger Google Blogger Is A Web-Based Publishing Tool For Publishing Your Blogs To The Web!
  • Google Blog Search Google Blog Search Helps You Quickly Find Blogs On Your Favorite Topics Of Interest!
  • Google Book SearchGoogle Book Search Can Find That Perfect Book And Help Promote Your Books For Free!
  • Google CalendarGoogle Calendar Can Help You Organize Your Schedule And Share Events With Friends!
  • Google CheckoutGoogle Checkout Offers You A Faster, Safer And More Convenient Way To Shop Online!
  • Google CodeGoogle Code Is A Google Site Specifically Created To Help The Developer Community!
  • Google Custom SearchGoogle Custom Search Allows You To Create A Search Engine Tailored To Your Needs!
  • Google DocsGoogle Docs Will Let You Create Documents, Spreadsheets And Presentations Online!
  • Google FinanceGoogle Finance Lets You Search For Stocks, Mutual Funds And For Company Information!
  • Google GmailGoogle Gmail Let You Organize, Access And Make Better Use Of The Data In Your Email!
  • Google GOOG-411Google GOOG-411 Allows You To Find Local Business Information Completely For Free!
  • Google GroupsGoogle Groups Let You Create, Search, And Browse Groups To Discuss And Share Ideas!
  • Google Health Google Health Lets You Store And Manage Your Health Information In One Easy Place!
  • Google iGoogleGoogle iGoogle Allows You To Create And Organize Your Own Personalized Web Page!
  • Google Image LabelerGoogle Image Labeler Is A Fun Way To Help Google Organize All The Images On The Web!
  • Google Image SearchGoogle Image Search Offers You The Most Comprehensive Image Search On The Web!
  • Google MapsGoogle Maps Is A Free User-Friendly Map Service That You View In Your Web Browser!
  • Google Maps For MobileGoogle Maps For Mobile Lets You View Maps And Get Directions On Your Mobile Device!
  • Google MobileGoogle Mobile Allows You To Take The Power Of Google With You When You're On The Go!
  • Google NewsGoogle News Provides An Easy Way To Keep Current With The Latest News At All Times!
  • Google NotebookGoogle Notebook Lets You Quickly Clip And Collect Information As You Browse The Web!
  • Google OrkutGoogle Orkut Is An Online Community That Can Make Your Social Life More Stimulating!
  • Google PackThe Google Pack Lets You Browse Faster, Remove Viruses And Organize Your Photos!
  • Google Patent SearchGoogle Patent Search Can Help You Easily Search And Find Patents That Interest You!
  • Google Product SearchGoogle Product Search Can Help You Quickly And Easily Find All The Products You Want!
  • Google ReaderGoogle Reader Lets You Retrieve All Your News And Blogs From One Connivent Place!
  • Google ScholarGoogle Scholar Provides A Simple Way For Us To Broadly Search For Scholarly Literature!
  • Google SketchUpGoogle SketchUp Allows You To Build, Modify And Share 3D Models Quickly And Efficiently!
  • Google SMSGoogle SMS Lets You Send A Text Message Query To Google (466453) For Quick Results!
  • Google Special SearchesGoogle Special Searches Enable You To Narrow Your Searches To A Specific Topic!
  • Google TranslateGoogle Translate Can Translate A Section Of Text Or A Web Page Into Another Language!
  • Google VideoGoogle Video Lets You Watch Multimedia Videos From Google Right On Your Computer!
  • Google Webmaster ToolsGoogle Webmaster Tools Allow Webmasters To See How Their Site Performs In Google!
  • Google YouTubeGoogle YouTube Is A Free Online Video Service That Lets Us View & Share Videos!

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