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Posted by: Becky

Thank you Darren. Your site actually explains in plain English how to do tasks that need to be done by those of us who do not have a degree or even a class in computer science. It is the best resource I have ever stumbled onto and will hopefully find your help on other subjects than just the one I used, which was deleting temporary files. Thanks so much. - Becky


Posted by: Robison

Darren, Thanks for the quick response and great info. I have never had such a good response from a seller. So far you are #1 in customer service. I look forward to playing with a new CPU soon! - Robison


Posted by: Norma

I want to thank you so much for your explanation about "What is a Bit and what is a Byte". It really made a difference as you are going through the explanation in a simple and direct way! I can see how these terms are starting to align themselves with each other and how I am able to think with them now. Thanks so much, I will continue to use your knowledge. - Norma


Posted by: Peter

As a beginner on the internet, I have found this very helpful as it seem to be something not many people know about. I am able to tell them of it's value. Thank You. - Peter


Posted by: Justine

I purchased a new laptop as an "open box" - meaning someone bought it, set it up, didn't want it and brought it back to the store. I purchased it and set it up for me and then registered it, but it still had her name on it and all my documents etc. went under her folder. I contacted Toshiba to fix this and they referred me to this website. Darren patiently walked me through the process and I have successfully changed the owner, registration and document folder on my computer! Thanks Darren. - Justine


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